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You've got questions... I've got answers!

It's okay if you have questions! I am more than happy to provide answers.

Here are some frequently asked questions, but if you need me to go into more depth with you, please feel free to contact me directly.

  • What is your wedding photography style?
    My wedding photography style is a mix between documentary and editorial. I capture the day as it happens naturally, but I create a lot of the magical moments too. My image style is to keep the photographs bright and airy with lots of pop and color. All my images are pulled through an editing process that ups the brightness, contrast, and color to give your day a colorful and vivid look.
  • What is your education and background?
    I took up photography as a hobby when I was an adolescent, aka, I stole my brother's camera and brought it to school everyday. I was... a little obsessed with taking photos to say the least. I studied photography at the School of Photography Orange Coast College and quickly discovered that a life of being a top fashion photographer was not as rewarding to me as capturing the precious moments of life. During college and for some time after I worked with multiple wedding photographers as a second photographer and learned the ropes. I then started my own photography business shortly there after.
  • How long have you been photographing weddings?
    I have been photographing weddings as a primary shooter since 2012.
  • When should I book you?
    Right now... just kidding! Anytime is a good time to inquire about booking me for your wedding. I have had weddings booked years in advance, six months before, and I've even booked weddings that were occurring the very next day. So really, just ask! I advise that you book at least a year in advance for your own easement. My Engagement Sessions are included with your wedding package. A lot of my clients want to use their Engagement Session photos for their "Save the Date". "Save the Date"s are generally sent 6-8 months before your wedding. Keep editing time and production time in mind!
  • Can we meet first?
    Of course! I encourage a meeting. It is very important to me that you enjoy my company because I will be with you for a great portion of time on your wedding day. We will be interacting pre-wedding and post wedding quite a bit as well. There is no fee or pressure to book when we meet. Let's just simply get to know one another!
  • Do you have a contract?
    Yes, I have a contract. It's really not as scary as it sounds. I will go over it bit by bit with you during our meeting if you like.
  • How do we book you?
    After informing me that you would like to hire me for your wedding, we will go over the contract and determine payment. At the signing of the contract, I require a payment of one-half of the total as a non-refundable retainer for my services. After that, you're officially secured for your wedding date.
  • Do you book multiple weddings on the same day?
    Never. I am fully committed to my clients and I do not make any other plans on their wedding date.
  • What are your rates/packages?
    I am more than happy to send you my pricing information. Please email me directly with your information and inquiries.
  • Are we able to book you for an Engagement Session without booking you for our wedding?
    Yes, of course you can!
  • What does an Engagement Session entail?
    Before your Engagement Session, we will go over choosing a location that suits you and your needs. We will go over our schedule and choose a date and time. Your Engagement Session will be similar to going for a walk. I will guide you through the landscape, set up the shot, and direct you to get the best photographs. I've honed my skills in making this as painless as possible, promise!
  • How much time is needed for an Engagement Session?
    Engagement Sessions generally last about an hour.
  • Is it okay that we have never been photographed before?
    Absolutely! Many of my clients have never been professionally photographed before our shoot and its totally okay. I've developed many techniques to get authentic photographs from my clients without having to give them much direction. You're going to do absolutely fine!
  • Why should we have an Engagement Session?
    Engagement Sessions are terrific practice for both of us. I get to know you two more and see what's comfortable for you. You will also see what positions or situations you like are and we can recreate it on your wedding day. Also, your portraits will take less time the day of your wedding because we've already have been through the initial process and it's no longer unfamilar to you.
  • What do your wedding packages include?
    All of my wedding photography packages include an engagment session, my service on the wedding day, an online gallery with various ordering options, delivery of high resolution professionally edited digital files via digital download from your online gallery, and a standard album that which you can choose to upgrade or not.
  • What kind of weddings do you shoot?
    Any! It would be my pleasure to document your celebration of any faith, non-faith, or orientation.
  • How many photographers will be at my wedding?
    I photograph every wedding I book and I prefer to have one of my additional photographers with me at all weddings. I will advise you if I feel like we need any additional photographers the day of the wedding.
  • Will you help me with my timeline?
    I would love to work with you or your coordinator on your timeline. I like to keep myself well aware of the schedule so that I don't miss a thing! We will make sure to schedule all the things you desire.
  • Do you provide video services as well?
    I am a one-woman show and I personally do not shoot video. It would be impossible for me to produce quality images as well as quality video at the same time. I am more than happy to work along with my videographer or a videographer of your choosing.
  • Our wedding is running late, will you stay?"
    Certainly. If your wedding goes beyond our contracted time I have overtime rates that will apply. I never leave a wedding without giving you a thirty minute warning. At that time, you can decide to contract more time and I will invoice you after the wedding.
  • My uncle really likes to take photos. Is that okay?
    I understand that everyone wants to capture their own photos of your special day and that is totally okay! I just ask that my presence be respected and my camera takes priority over others. If there is someone lingering behind me during posed family photographs, I will often allow them to take their image quickly and move on. However, I do not encourage this because it can become a time issue. The more time we take while taking photos, the less time we have for you to spend time with your loved ones and I would hate for that to happen! I do not allow other people to be around during bride and groom portraits except for maybe a bridesmaid or groomsman. More people than that can be very distracting and again, will take up your time.
  • How much time are you dedicating to my wedding?
    I spend about 30+ hours on each and every wedding.
  • When will I get my photos?
    I typically upload Engagements to your online gallery in 1-3 weeks and Weddings in 2-6 weeks. Just ask and I will give you an honest estimate.
  • May I see all the images you took?
    Unfortunately, no, and you really don't want to. I don't edit out a lot to be completely honest. The photos that are not included are ones that are not exposed correctly, unflattering, a test shot, a duplicate, or possibly blurry. I go painstakingly comb out your photos so that you recieve only the absolute best and most favorable images.
  • What does your editing process entail?
    Every single photograph you will recieve will be edited. I go through each and every one of them. I edit exposure, sharpness, color, and make other enhancements to improve the image. I do light skin retouching on all images that require it. This includes removing blemishes and smoothing out skin. If you require any extra editing this is something we need to discuss before we work together. I would love to capture you as naturally beautiful as you are, but if you would like something changed drastically, I may or may not be able to accomodate your needs.
  • How many images will we recieve from our wedding day?
    How many photos you will recieve depends on how many hours you have me contracted for your wedding day. The number of photos increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured. The results vary from about 500-1,500 photos. I understand that is a huge jump, which is why this question is so difficult to answer. I am unable to predict exactly how many photos you will recieve, but I will try to give you a good estimate upon further discussion.
  • What equipment do you use?
    My camera is a Nikon D800. I have many top-grade lenses that I use throughout the wedding day. I also have plenty of lights I use to capture any moments that occur in dark situations.
  • What is a photography permit? Why do I need to pay extra for this?
    Some locations require that a permit is obtained before photography can take place on the premises. They require these permits for control and safety reasons. I will happily help you figure out if your location requires a permit and I can also help you obtain the permit. Some locations require a permit without any cost, while others can be quite exorbitant, but I can definitely help you find a location that suits your needs. The permit fees are your responsibilty to pay. I will not photograph you at your desired location without a permit if that location requires a permit. If you wish to take your wedding photography photos (posed family photos and bride and groom portraits) at your venue(s), the photography permit is typically included in your venue agreement.
  • Will you be able to provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?
    Yes, of course! Please let me know at least two months in advance as it takes time for the insurance company to provide that document.
  • If I cancel my wedding, will I get my retainer back?"
    The retainer you pay for my services is non-refundable. I refuse all other comissions for your date after the retainer and contract have been signed.
  • What happens if you get sick or have an emergency?
    I haven't missed a wedding yet, but if I absolutely have to I have prepared for such an event. I have many collegues I trust to take my place and have advised my loved ones on how they can manage the situation if something dire should occur.
  • What does it mean that you own the copyright to my images?
    This simply means that I took the photo and the copyright belongs to me. I do not sell images, ever. I have no reason to sell images. The copyright and model release portion of my contract is simply you granting me permission to use the images for my website, social media, and my own marketing. However, I respect your privacy wouldn't ever want to make you uncomfortable. If you have any issues with the use of the images please let me know and we can discuss it further.
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