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Where to Find a Wedding Photographer

Finding a wedding photographer can be a very daunting task. It is very difficult to even begin to know where to start. You can go through your venue, wedding websites, a recommendation from a friend or your coordinator, Instagram, or even go through the Google research all on your own. I'm already exhausted thinking about it!

There are a few things to consider before looking for your photographer that you may not have thought of. You want to be as informed as possible and consider where they are coming from. I recommend really doing your research for the best results.

You may consider the convenience of a wedding photographer that your venue supports. When presented with photographers that your venue suggests, consider that the reality that the photographer they recommend may not be the best choice. It is possible that they have purchased that recommendation from that venue. Venues allow photographers to pay them a fee to keep their wedding albums in the booking room and recommend them. Often times, the benefit is that this photographer does know your venue location very well, but that could also their downfall. You could end up with cookie-cutter photographs that they have done over and over.

Wedding websites can sometimes be resources for you to find a photographer, but there are usually a lot of listings that may not match what you're exactly looking for. I recommend not messaging every photographer you find on those sites just to price compare. The best thing to do is find the photographer that matches the style that you desire and message them from there. If you receive a quick response that is tailored to your wedding you are looking at a winner. If they take days to respond with a general response, they're probably not who you are looking for. Keep in mind that photographers often pay to be on these sites.

A recommendation from your friend or coordinator is a wonderful way to find your wedding photographer. If your friend has recently been married and adored their photographer that is a great endorsement. Even better praise would be from a wedding coordinator because it means that they worked well with the photographer. You are looking at a wonderful wedding day when those two professionals work together perfectly.

Instagram is a very wonderful way to find your wedding photographer. The best thing to do is to explore your wedding venue's location tag and find photographers through there. This ensures that your wedding photographer is familiar with your venue and you can see their work at that location.

Google research is a great way to find your wedding photographer, but also is a lot broader. You can use so many of the keywords that you are looking for. Use your location, region, etc. in the search bar and narrow it down. The same way that you can use the location tag on Instagram, you can use with Google Maps.

I hope that helps you with finding your wedding photographer. If you are searching for your wedding photographer now, consider my services if I match the style you are looking for. Contact me directly for more information and pricing.


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