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Photographs that are uniquely yours.


Weddings may be new to you, but I'm here to help you each and every step of the way. As a veteran wedding photographer, I am more than happy to share my expertise, hold your hand through the planning process, and be sure to achieve photographs that take you back to the day you so lovingly said, "I do."

My goal is to help you achieve the experience you desire and capture your wedding day exactly as it unfolds. I may add a pop of color, lend a supportive shoulder, and create a lot of laughter along the way. You will be certain that you are in the best and most capable hands. 

If you're curious where to start when it comes to wedding photography, you have come to the right place! Keep on scrolling down for some guidance. 

To simply photograph the love that surrounds us is my truest goal.

How Does This Work?

Coffee with Macaroons

Let's Meet

I'd love to meet you. Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me? We could set up a FaceTime call, or even just a call if that's better for you. Let's get to know each other and see if we're the right fit!


Time to Book

You want to hire me? Great! Let's go over what the best option for you is and go over our agreement with each other. Retaining payment for your wedding date is made.



Is there a place that is unique to you two? Let's go there and shoot! This is a great opportunity for us to get know each other better and practice before the big day!



We've got your timeline and your shot list ready.  It's now time for the happiest day of your life! I'll help make this unforgettable day exactly that by capturing it all.



After you've viewed your online gallery with all your beautiful photographs, lets work on your perfect wedding album! This heirloom keepsake will be one to be treasured for years to come.


What will my wedding day look like?

In my experience, most weddings generally need six to eight hours of coverage.


6 Hours Coverage

Six hours of coverage is what I recommend for clients that don't need much detail. If capturing your love the people you have chosen to celebrate with you is all you need, this is the ideal for you.



10 Hours Coverage

8 Hours Coverage

An extra two hours goes a long way. This is the perfect amount of time for leisurely getting-ready photographs, many detail shots, and obtaining all the evidence of a celebratory dance floor. This is recommended for the couple that has spent a lot of time getting every detail just right.

This will get you everything you need and much, much more. If you're planning a large break between ceremony and reception or if you are celebrating with a fairly long religious ceremony, this is your choice.

Your wedding is your own. If these structures do not work for your wedding, we can work together to create something that works perfectly for you.

Please contact me directly for pricing information. 


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